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Acrylic Solid Surface / Modular Table Top

Rathika Interiors

Applications For Acrylic Solid Surface

  • 1. Hotels / Restaurants
  • 2. Residential Kitchen Top
  • 3. SPA / BAR Counter Top
  • 4. Reception Table (Special Designs)
  • 5. Educational Institutions
  • 6. Commercial / Residential uses...!

Advantages OF Acrylic Solid Surface

Products made of acrylic stone are practical not only for private interior, but also for commercial. Due to its homogeneity, the material is easily restored from scratches, chips and other damages by grinding, and the products from it again look like new.

Caring for its customers, Countertops and furniture, on the surface of which bacteria do not multiply. Solid Surface is resistant to aggressive chemicals, easily cleaned of stains and dirt.

In creating a unique design of products from acrylic an important role is played by the unique property of the acrylic stone to bend and take streamlined shapes.

From soft natural colors to the brightest. We offers a choice of more than 30 shades created in collaboration with experts in the field of trendy colors in the interior part.

The variety of complex shapes in the products of acrylic is ensured by the property of acrylic stone to stick together without visible seams and joints, due to which the effect of cast and smoothly flowing surfaces of acrylic stone is achieved.

The ability of the acrylic stone to pass light allows the integration of text and images for commercial & Residential use.

We provides the highest quality products and provides a 10 - year warranty for products from Hi-macs , Hanex , Samsung has certificates of environmental friendliness of the material, making your interior not only comfortable, but also safe. These should only be fabricated and installed by certified fabricators. ( Warranty applicable as per our norms)

These solid surfaces can be fabricated into any shape and can be joined without visible seaming line.

Excellent in both colour and durability, these solid surfaces are the best choice as finishing materials for interiors. It is stronger than natural stone and will maintain its shape and beauty in any condition.

These solid surfaces are thermal stable. These surfaces are heat resistant, hot water resistant, chemical resistant, stain resistant, UV stable and can stand all weather changes on interior applications.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge. For basic stains, clean with mild detergents or general all purpose cleaners. Periodically go over surface with a mild abrasive cleanser to maintain a uniform appearance.

To prevent any damage from heat, never place hot items directly on the surface. Always use trivets with rubber feet when placing hot items on the Solid Surface.

Avoid contact with strong chemicals that can cause damage to the surface such as oven cleaners, acetone, paint removers and other strong chemicals. If exposed, promptly rinse with water. Remember, prolonged contact with harsh chemicals can cause serious damage to the Solid Surface.

Avoid cutting directly on the Solid Surface. Always use a cutting board. Never place hot pans directly on the Solid Surface.

To remove persistent stains or scratches, scrub the stained area with a mild abrasive cleanser. Deep scratches and/or other damages may require professional repair.

Rathika Interiors

Rest Room Cubicles

Rathika Interiors

Applications For Rest Room Cubicles

  • 1. School / colleges / Educational Institutions
  • 2. Mall / Theatre / Spa / Showroom
  • 3. Resort / Hotel / Restaurants
  • 4. IT companies / Factory / Office
  • 5. All Commercial Places...!

Toilet Cubicle

Rathika Interiors

Advantages For Toilet Cubicle

  • 1. Easy to Install
  • 2. Bricks /Tiles cost Eliminate
  • 3. Cleaning Feasibility
  • 4. Space Saving
  • 5. Customize the toilet size
  • 6. Different types of color shades
  • 7. Aesthetic Look

Available Models

Rathika Interiors

Available Models

  • 1. Nylon Leg Type
  • 2. SS-Leg type
  • 3. Shoe Boxup Series
  • 4. PD Door
  • 5. UMP-Urinal Partition
  • 6. Front Partition
  • 7. Extra Partition

Board Specification

Rathika Interiors

Board Specification

PHENOLIC CORE BOARD is based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers. Top surface on both sides is melamine coated which is scratch and impact resistant. Board Thickness is 12MM only.

  • a) Compact laminate Panel
  • b) High Pressure Laminate Board
  • c) HPL - Interior Grade
  • Available thickness: 12 MM(Against Order 18MM)
  • Board size: 14 x 6 and 12 x 6
  • Cut Sizes: 4 x 6, 5 x 6, 6 x 6, 7 x6

Acrylic solid surface is combination of Methyl methacrylate (MMA) and Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

  • a) Kitchen top
  • b) Counter top
  • c) Acrylic
  • Available thickness: 6 MM & 12 MM
  • Board size: 8x 2.5 For 6 MM and 12 x 2.5 for 12 MM